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A cake firework comprises of a series of small aerial shells that fires multiple shots into the sky. Cakes are one of the most popular types of firework, as they can create spectacular and long-lasting effects from a single fuse.

Each cake has its own unique effects and colours that are wide ranging. Cakes vary greatly in size, weight, shape and duration. Some last for twenty seconds, while others may last for up to a minute. Cakes are currently the most popular type of firework we sell and are great to put together in combinations to create a magical fireworks display.

We have one of the largest ranges of cakes available on the market with high quality effects and great prices. See our Single Ignitions for longer burning cakes.

Cakes Small

These are great cakes to build up the content of any display. They can be combined to create a longer lasting display for smaller budgets or can be used to bulk up larger displays.    

Cakes Medium

A wonderful selection of our medium size cakes which can be used as a finale for small displays or as a great addition to any larger display.

Cakes Large

These are great cakes that can be used as stand alone mini displays, as finales or to build up a large display in style.