Here are our latest news items (please note there are many more updates on our Facebook page):

15/02/2024 Happy New Year Everyone

A new year and a fresh start to 2024 but before we look forward lets have a quick look back at the end of last year. It had been the wettest, windiest and most challenging bonfire and Christmas season in 27 years but we have had amazing feedback from all of you.

To our clients and our team, thank you so much for your support, perseverance in what faced us all with the weather and most of all, whether you are a client or one of our crew, thank you for working as one team to deliver all of those spectacular displays.

This is a cross section of what some of our clients had to say about our displays.

Thank you everyone.Thanks so much for all your help and for the wonderful fireworks display (S. Ellis)

We absolutely want to rebook 😊 the display was amazing, as always! (V. Toghill)

The overwhelming review from all staff and members is that the fireworks were the best yet this year!! (L. Johnston)

Just a quick message to say thank you so much to you and your team for our display on Sunday. The team were amazing and we have had some brilliant feedback from the community saying they were the best ones yet! We definitely had a great time and really appreciate your team looking after us so well. We've had so many lovely comments about the fantastic display! (T. Kennedy)

Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for all your work with our firework display this year, as always it was well organised and executed and the display was fantastic (C. Hamilton)

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to you, Dave and all the Frontier team who made our little school's event such a success last night. I heard a lot of families say that it was the best display they've been to and everyone loved it -  a massive thumbs up from us all.Your guys are always so professional, friendly and we feel like we're in safe hands.  Thank you so much for helping us with what's become our biggest fundraiser for the school (Zoe & The PTA Committee)

This year’s event was amazing and we are looking forward to booking you again for our 2024 event (L. Burton)

Once again your team were amazing and thank you so much for such a great display (M. Harman)

Thank you for our wonderful display.  Your team did a fantastic job as usual, we had so many positive comments about the display. We would definitely like to rebook with you next year (M. Cox)

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the brilliant fireworks that we had last Friday. We have had so much positive feedback about the fireworks and how much people enjoyed it! Thank you! (Emily PHSA)

26/01/2021 Here's Hoping For A Brighter 2021

Well it's been a hard long year with very few events, however we have to hope for a brighter 2021. We are still here and raring to go for any displays that you may want to book (depending on the current restrictions in place). We have a whole host of new and exciting fireworks which we can't wait to use at our displays. 

If you haven't already done so it could be well worth looking at our Facebook page, you don't need to join Facebook to view our business page, as this will have lots of up to date information, news, photos and videos. There are lots of posts on Facebook showcasing our work so please do have a look there. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to discuss any of your fireworks requirements with us. Please either email us or phone 01323 488866 for more information.

Stay safe.

30/01/2019 The Battles Over - A Nations Tribute

A look back into 2018 – Sometimes fireworks displays are not about seeing how loud and boisterous you can make them but choosing sequences that can be thought provoking and temperate to show respect and commemoration.

One such event that deserves a mention was a display we fired for the Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1. The brief was to put together a display that would show reflection and celebration in two parts of our display.

The first part of our display was designed with bright white strobes to show the flashes of guns along the front of the battlefield. We fired shells bursting at great height, allowing for long burning strobe stars to fall out of the sky. We followed this with a low noise section of the display for when the guns fell silent on the battlefield. For this section we launched gold brocade waterfall cakes that gently fired into the night sky. For our final poignant commemoration we launched a high number of red strobe shells that tumbled from the sky with thousands of red strobe stars to represent the international flower of remembrance, the red poppy.

The second part of our display led our audience through patriotic red, white and blue cakes and shells as we filled the sky to reflect the celebration of the end of WW1. Our finale was filled with the same colours before we topped it with thousands of red strobe stars once again to bring our special “A Nations Tribute” show to a spectacular finale. 

01/02/2017 Updated Website

We have now updated and refreshed our website with the all the latest information.

Many of our recent news articles have been posted on our Facebook page, so for further news and articles please visit our Facebook page which also has some videos and photos of our displays.

To book Frontier Fireworks for displays please email us or phone us on 01323 488866 for more information as we would be very happy to answer any questions that you have.

14/07/2015 19 Years Ago

Did you know that this week 19 years ago we performed our first professional fireworks display in Haywards Heath?

We started the company with a £5000 loan from the Princes Youth Business Trust to start a dream of performing some of the most prestigious displays in the UK. Since those early days we have performed many amazing displays from A New Dawn where the sun rose at our display in Dover for the first sunrise on the 1st January 2000, where a New Dawn heralded the arrival of a new Millennium.

We were runners up in the National Fireworks Championships, have performed regularly with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Katherine Jenkins, The X Factor finalists, performed two of the most important fireworks displays for the British Olympic Association Chairman in London Olympic Year, commemorated the 800th Anniversary of the Fire of London from the roof of Southwark Cathedral and of course our proudest moment to date with the RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Display Team.

27/04/2015 An Absolute Must for all Fireworks Display Organisers

We often get asked by organisers what a professional fireworks display company should have in place to perform a public or private fireworks display legally and here we have the answer:

Public/Product Liability Insurance to a minimum of £5 million (We have £10 million)
Licensed stores either by the local authority or the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)
Proof of training for members of staff - our Display Managers are BPA (British Pyrotechnics Association) qualified
ADR Class 1 Explosive qualified drivers for the transport of Dangerous Goods

They should be a full time fireworks display company and not hobbyists
Have proof of experience of using professional fireworks at displays
Importers such as ourselves offer better value for money
They should belong to a professional organisation - we are members of the CBI EIG (Explosives Industry Group)

What to look out for:
Check references and the insurance company to make sure the documents are not fraudulent
If the company you meet does not seem professional and you have doubts then most likely they are not the company to use

16/06/2014 Manufacturing Fireworks

We only use high quality manufacturers in China with the best chemicals that produce the bright vivid colours that you have seen at our displays. This process of manufacture for our order can take several months as most of the fireworks are hand crafted to our specification.

There are many environmental issues that can cause delays with the manufacture as during the summer months the fireworks are dried in the sun so if the weather is too hot this can be dangerous in the manufacturing sheds. Humidity and associated storms can also slow this process as we do not want our manufacturers working in poor conditions. On average it takes 3-4 weeks for the fireworks to be shipped from China.

We are on schedule to have our fireworks arrive in the middle of the summer to replenish our stocks which means that we have never missed a target of receiving our import orders on time.

06/05/2014 A Look Back at 2013

Last year was an exceptional year with Frontier Fireworks performing displays all over the UK. Our team has gone from strength to strength along with our design and manufacture of fireworks in China.

We are acknowledged as one of the best fireworks display companies in the UK due to our high profile fireworks display performances and the colours and effects that we use in our displays.

We have increased our manufacturing and importing capacity in 2013 to keep costs competitive whilst ensuring that the quality is still as high as in previous years.

Buying from an importer and professional fireworks display provider cuts out the expense of using the middle company as we sell our fireworks to other fireworks companies. We are in the best position to deliver more fireworks in our displays compared to other companies that do not import.

2013 was an amazing year and forecasts for this year predict another hugely successful season.

30/04/2014 Frontier Fireworks on Facebook

Frontier Fireworks now has a Facebook page and you can follow us by liking our page at the following address:

We will add updates to this page from time to time and this can be an easy way to keep in touch with current news from us.

Don’t worry, we will still be adding news items to this page as well so that you can keep up to date with us even if you don’t have a Facebook page.

20/09/2013 Extended Consumer Fireworks Range Available all Year

Our consumer range of fireworks is continuing to grow at a steady rate as we include new and exciting fireworks for sale to the public.

We have now added a larger range of cakes and rockets due to demand. The rockets are amazing and have huge effects in the larger sizes. We have some fun and unusual new cakes as well. Our firing teams always like to look at the new labels and names available in our range and then of course fire them up at their own private displays.

The entire range of high quality fireworks that we have for sale are all priced lower than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) so that everyone can enjoy our high quality fireworks range at reasonable prices.

Please have a look at our Outdoor Candle Lanterns as they are extremely good value for money and offer a very atmospheric effect in the garden. We have imported these excellent bags that have fire retardant inner paper and they have proved to be extremely popular.

Once we reach February of each year we are already building our range towards the busy Guy Fawkes season but we are also licensed to sell fireworks all year round as well.

17/05/2013 Hands on History for a Truly Remarkable Experience

Something that the economic situation has taught us over the past few years is to adapt to our circumstances and working closely with Hands on History has given us great opportunities in new areas.

When you first meet Martin Patterson (Director) the first thing you will notice is the sheer enthusiasm and belief in his work. This is why we have worked so well together for projects involving history and pyrotechnics. Martin has amazing capabilities of designing and making everything historical from cannons to medieval weapons and then allowing the general public to hold and feel varying historical items. Bringing to life “have-a-go archery” and paintball for children to dressing up in chainmail has really bought “Hands on History” to life. Martin is excellent at teaching people the various characteristics of weaponry and helping children and adults use all the fun and exciting hands on activities.

Frontier Fireworks advise them about mortar and cannon effects and entire productions with pyrotechnics and fireworks. If you are looking for that something a bit different and very exciting then please give them a ring on Tel: 01435 813 144 or visit their website at for more information.

11/04/2013 Daylight Smoke Effects Lead The Way

We have been developing our daylight fireworks displays over the past year and can now say that we have some of the most amazing smoke products in the industry.

Daylight displays primarily consist of lots of noise and relatively low amounts of colour….until now. We use all the firm favourites such as bangs, crackles, whistles, hummers and bright comets but now we use a variety of exciting smoke effects.

We use purple, blue, red, white, black, orange and green smoke in all of our daylight displays. These project walls of smoke colours from cakes and mines that can be in fans, chaser sequences, big X’s, in straight colour sequences or mixed colour sequences, the array of daylight displays just became much more exciting and visual.

If you would like to know more please let us know and we can explain all the different sequences and prices available for this dramatic way to entertain your audience.

13/03/2013 Fireworks Displays With Flair for 2013

The Frontier Fireworks team are hard at work in the background building the fireworks display profile for the 2013 season.

We already have a high number of bookings for displays this year and are looking forward to another successful season ahead. Last year was such an amazing success with Frontier firing a high number of high profile displays for the Queens Diamond Jubilee events, the Olympics events and many more.

Organisers of events and wedding clients come to us because they know from our huge portfolio of work that they will be rewarded with amazing displays where we take great care to look after our clients as well.

Our importing powers have increased over the years and we are, in 2013, also importing from another new manufacturing company in China. We have shown them our designs and these are now well into the manufacturing stages. We have strong links with our colleagues in China and we are always looking to push the envelope with what we can design that other companies in our industry do not have, striving to keep ahead of our competitors.

If you would like a quote or want to book Frontier Fireworks please contact us and we will be happy to help.

26/02/2013 Sussex Events Ltd Offer a New Benchmark

Over the past couple of years we have been using Sussex Events Ltd for all our PA and sound production work. We do not offer recommendations lightly but Adam Briggs & Bob Watson (Directors) have a proven track record and are a company that we highly recommend.

They have worked on a varying degree of performances with Frontier Fireworks and we like to set them difficult challenges……lots of wet, windy, cold weather to contend with and difficult locations with demanding circumstances. They have never let us down and the sound quality has been excellent at very reasonable prices.

We found that most sound production companies would not provide a price for work until really pushed so it is a pleasant surprise to get prices up front in full for specific contracts.

Adam is always out and about working on events so please feel free to contact him on mobile number 07810 266 324 for a quote or advice about your event sound production. The website can be seen at for more information.

15/08/2012 Environmental Target for 2012

Frontier Fireworks Ltd has set the bar high for environmental targets in 2012.

It can be thirsty work providing top class displays all across the UK so we have asked all of our team to make sure that all plastic and glass bottles are put in bags ready for recycling when they get back to our main base.

We are recycling packaging already but are looking to recycle all packaging that our team of pyrotechnicians receives in their home deliveries for our own packaging. When we send our consumer fireworks to our clients we are using packaging that we have not purchased but have recycled to ensure we are responsible when it comes to the environment.

We are also recycling all of our cardboard boxes as we use these for multiple displays as long as the boxes reach the required safety parameters for fireworks storage and transport.

We have even managed to explain our travelling arrangements to display clients to reduce our carbon footprint. We will always 100% go to site meetings and display meetings for new displays for safety reasons and to existing client meetings but sometimes we find that we are requested to go to meetings for meetings sake which we now do via satellite images and phone conferences which is much better for the environment and much more efficient.

We are meeting all of our targets, which is great and gives us a great feeling that we are doing something for our environment.

20/06/2012 Candle Bag Lanterns

We have imported a large range of wonderful Candle Bag Lanterns that look amazing at night. These are on our website under the section Buy Fireworks, simply click Candle Lanterns.

These do not float away but instead you put them on patios, drives, steps, basically anywhere that you want to have a nice lit area that looks that little bit different. You fill them with sand or pebbles, place a tea light in the bag and hey presto, they light up the bag and look amazing.

The inner part of the bag is fire retardant so that the bag does not catch fire and we recommend them for outdoor use. When used in any quantity above ten they just look amazing.

These are great for any occasion and we have a variety of colours and designs. We are finding that these are hugely popular with all types of people and they can easily be posted as they do not have the same restrictions as fireworks with regards to transport.

So please go ahead and have a look, we have great feedback about these and of course they are great value for money because if you are careful with them you can use them over and over again......we also sell tea lights as well just because, well, we like anything with a flame!!

20/05/2012 Lovely Jubilee!

The Queens Diamond Jubilee is going to be a great occasion for everyone. Even if you are not particularly interested in our great monarchy, it is a great time to have a party and an excellent excuse to have some fireworks.

We are fully prepared for the displays that we have contracted, we have multiple displays over the 1st June to the 5th June 2012 and these are already fused and ready to go.

We have amazing fireworks for sale on our website so please have a look through these. The Diamond Jubilee is set to be an amazing weekend with people having celebrations across the entire nation, beacon lighting, fireworks displays, river pageants, street parties and red, white and blue bunting being used across the country.

We are fully stocked with fireworks and have a licence to sell fireworks all year so please contact our friendly staff to help celebrate Her Majesty’s Jubilee in style.

20/03/2012 An Exciting Summer

What a great year 2012 will be with various large events happening in the summer months.

Frontier Fireworks are already contracted to perform a very high number of displays for the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations over the bank holiday weekend in June 2012. This will be a great celebration and a superb opportunity for the nation to let its hair down and have a party. Hopefully this will boost the nation and at least rid us all of the doom and gloom surrounding the financial situation in the UK.

The London Olympics 2012 will provide exciting opportunities for Frontier Fireworks and we are receiving great interest for this wonderful occasion. For sporty people this will be a great spectacle and even those of you not involved in sport in any way will most likely be enjoying the occasion and why not, this will be another great opportunity for having an Olympic themed party!!

We will be providing special party packs of fireworks available for the general public to buy, all very patriotic to celebrate both the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics 2012.

Keep coming back to our website to have a look at the various developments and special offers that we will be making over the coming months.

27/02/2012 Snow Pyramids

The recent cold snap saw us come up with another idea for a bit of icy fun. A couple of years ago we built the now legendary Snow Monster with fireworks that was widely shown on television and local papers.

This year we decided to go global as we built a snow Pyramid and fired up red flares and fountains around the finished sculpture to add a feeling of atmosphere to the photos. These have just been sent off to the relevant publicity people for some fun.

We already have a good idea for the next one so shall await further snow to arrive so we can go and exhaust ourselves once more....all good fun and great for morale.

07/02/2012 Another Successful Season

It seems like a while since we last updated our news section and this has been due to the amount of work that we have had over the previous months. It has been hard finding a moment to update everyone.

Our Guy Fawkes preparation went exceedingly well with fireworks displays being designed and choreographed, fireworks being fused and waterproofed and logistics being managed for so many displays over a three week period.

Once the firing teams were booked and the vans were packed, and there were a lot of them, zero hour had arrived and it was time to start lighting up the skies across most of the UK.

All the displays were a resounding success. There were a few challenges including a couple of displays where the heavens opened and the weather provided its own pyrotechnical display of lightning and thunder but all the displays went exceedingly smoothly. We are receiving a very high number of bookings for 2012 already, in what looks like it will be our busiest Guy Fawkes period to date.

If you do want to book us for this period then please do consider how busy we are, as our company is so popular.

24/08/2011 Pace Setters

As the summer progresses this year, so does the quantity and size of the displays that we are providing all over the UK. The summer has been our busiest on record so far with Frontier Fireworks firing one of the year’s most prestigious displays among many others.

We have also imported more new styles and designs of fireworks to keep our displays ahead of our competition in our professional fireworks range.

The company continues to go from strength to strength in what are frail times for the UK business sector. We are continuing to expand our storage capacity which enables us to import fireworks on a very competitive basis.

With a draft of new regulations and yet more red tape from Europe we are expecting the fireworks industry to be culled through regulations over the coming years. We have secure and vast storage capacity, import, perform displays and sell consumer fireworks to the public and professional fireworks to trade so we are in an excellent position for the future of Frontier Fireworks Ltd.

We look forward to your support over the coming months and years.

06/06/2011 Katherine Jenkins Concert

Frontier Fireworks are very happy to announce that we will be performing with the National Symphony Orchestra this summer along with Classical superstar Katherine Jenkins. We were delighted to hear that we had been awarded the contract for working with the best orchestras in the country as we work with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra every year as well.

Performing live choreographed fireworks displays with live orchestral music is always a challenge and to be recognised for the imagination and emotion that are put into these performances by Frontier Fireworks is a great compliment to the heights the company is reaching.

24/05/2011 BBC's Bang Goes The Theory

Frontier Fireworks have once again been involved with helping another television production in 2011. This time our expertise was called upon for the BBC Bang Goes The Theory TV series that explores everything that is scientifically exciting with a different fresh approach to making science appealing for all.

We supplied pyrotechnic fusing to a production company to enable them to design “BANG” with a slow burning fuse. We have many unusual requests every year and are always pleased to help in any way we can.

22/02/2011 Fire Rope Workshops

We have added a new section to our website - Fire Rope Workshops. These workshops have been running for a few years now and have always been a great success. The workshops are aimed at getting people of all ages involved with designing and creating an image that is created with fire. It is a very spectacular art form and it is a great feeling to those involved to see their creations when they are actually lit up and are on fire!

These workshops have proved very popular in both primary and secondary schools but can be run for a large range of groups and events. They would work well for scout and guide groups, community events, established fireworks events and any event where there is an interest in creating a spectacular and unusual art form, so why not have a look at our Fire Rope Workshops page for more information.

13/01/2011 Coldest Show Yet

We performed our coldest show to date in December since the company began trading back in 1996.

We were booked to fire a display in Ramsgate but halfway there we were engulfed in a snowstorm with hardly any visibility. We phoned to see if the event was cancelled (as we were finding it near impossible to stay on the road in some places) to find that they had no snow in Ramsgate, so we fought our way along the roads to get there on time.

We finally arrived and fired the display successfully in -5 without the wind chill factor and then the temperature dropped to -11 on the way back home again....all good fun and well worth the experience......apart from the journey!

16/12/2010 Christmas displays

As many of you start to relax for the Christmas break, we will be firing a number of displays for Christmas Celebrations in the week before Christmas due to postponements caused by the recent snowfall.

We tried in vain to reach some of the displays but the amount of snow that fell in a short space of time left the organisers of several events with no choice but to postpone their events until the week before Christmas.

What we need now is some nice weather, no snow and a steady supply of tea to ensure that all of these events are a great success.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a peaceful and very Merry Christmas.