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Update: We are open for pre-booked collection & delivery only. For same day orders please contact us directly to ensure we are able to process your order in time.

Please note our minimum order of £50.00 Incl. VAT for all orders placed via this website. For any orders below this amount please contact us directly to arrange.


Please note we offer a mail order service and do not have a shop.

We can arrange for collection of orders but this needs to be done in advance by prior arrangement. 

We store no fireworks at our office address which is based in Berwick, near Eastbourne. We have an excellent delivery service. Please phone for more advice.

Due to a national problem with couriers please contact us before placing an order if you are based outside of Sussex, Kent or Surrey. We can advise of delivery options with you.


Using our extensive knowledge of fireworks in the display sector has allowed us to accumulate a wide selection of fireworks that the general public can purchase with ease and confidence in the retail sector.

All too often we have customers telling us that they purchased fireworks elsewhere only to be left disappointed by a puff of smoke and a few sparks. That does not happen here. We have some of the best fireworks that money can buy, all hand-picked by us after many nights of testing and watching how these fireworks actually perform.

Prepare to be amazed and look skywards as we dazzle and enthral you all with our range of fireworks.

Please note that a minimum order of £50.00 Incl. VAT applies for all orders due to the need for specialist carriers for delivery.

For smaller orders in the local area or for non-fireworks orders please contact us on Tel: 01323 488 866 and we will discuss your requirements as we are able to accomodate smaller orders locally. Please see Delivery Information for more information.

Please also note that purchasers must be eighteen years of age or over. It is illegal to sell adult fireworks to anyone under 18.

Cakes - Small

A cake firework comprises of a series of small aerial shells that fires multiple shots into the sky. Cakes are one of the most popular types of firework, as they can create spectacular and long-lasting effects from a single fuse. Each cake has its own unique effects and colours that are wide ranging. Cakes...

Cakes - Large

These are great cakes that can be used as stand alone mini displays, as finales or to build up a large display in style. These large cakes have a saftey distance of 25m.

Single Ignitions (cakes 1 min +)

Single Ignition fireworks are extremely popular. They are cakes that fire for one minute or longer. They are easy to use and provide a grand display. They are similar to cakes but are fused in a way that allows them to fire shots to a great height over a longer duration.  Each...

Gender Reveal

Gender reveal fireworks are growing in popularity as an unusual and spectacular way to announce the gender of your baby. Shown below are a couple of great cakes which are either predominantly blue or pink. Not only are they colour specific but they are very impressive cakes in their own right. These...

Selection Packs Cakes

These cake selection packs have become more and more popular in recent years and only contain cakes. They are designed to give you a great range of colours and effects with a pre-mixed selection. These packs can be used to create stand-alone displays or can be used to enhance larger displays.  Each pack has...

Selection Boxes Mixed

These are great packs designed in the traditional way with a large mix of smaller fireworks, perfect for any occasion. Selection boxes traditionally have several types of fireworks in one box such as fountains, wheels, cakes or candles. We've also put together a selection chosen by our professional team to save you...


Rockets are great fun and come in a variety of sizes that produce dazzling effects at a great height. All rockets have a stick and are fired out of rocket tubes; we provide tubes free for all of our customers. We sell these fireworks in packs of multiple rockets due to new regulations....


A Fountain is a type of firework which produces a jet of sparks lasting from around thirty seconds up to a couple of minutes. Fountains have become more and more elaborate over the last few years and can now be purchased as straight fountains, conic fountains and fanned fountains.

Catherine Wheels

The Catherine Wheel is a type of firework consisting of powder-filled tubes that power a rotating firework at great speed when attached to an upright post. When ignited, it rotates quickly, producing a display of sparks and coloured flame. The firework is named after the instrument of torture, the breaking wheel, on...

Sparklers & Miscellaneous

Sparklers are a firm favourite with young and old alike which is why they are so popular for so many occasions. Please choose which sparklers you would like from the list. Portfires are used to light fireworks. They burn with a more consistent flame than matches or lighters and can be used...

Wax Torches - Multi-use

These hand held wax torches can be used as processional wax torches or traditional garden wax candles and are excellent value for money. The current wax torch we have in stock is our new improved torch. Designed specifically for us this torch is made with a black wax cloth design and a...

Candle Lanterns - Ground Based

Have a look at our great range of exciting outdoor candle lantern bags. These lanterns are ground based (they are not the ones that fly away!) and can be used to create a magical atmosphere for any event. Simply place them on the floor and put a tea light inside to light up...


All the items on this page are end of line. They are often items that we will no longer be having in stock, often because they are end of line and no longer offered by our suppliers, or because there will be a newer version produced. These items are in their original,...