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A Fountain is a type of firework which produces a jet of sparks lasting from around thirty seconds up to a couple of minutes.

Fountains have become more and more elaborate over the last few years and can now be purchased as straight fountains, conic fountains and fanned fountains.

Shining Saucer

Shining Saucer

  • Multi-effect Fountain

  • One large silver fountain surrounded by many smaller silver fountains, changing to a crackling fountain with red stars, finishing with a multicolour crackling fountain

  • 45 seconds

  • Reduced from £8.50

Price: £6.00 (inc VAT)
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Krazy Klock

Krazy Klock

Sorry, currently out of stock
  • Fan firing

  • Spinning stars changing to fanned red flares, whistles, multicolour flares, gold crackling fountains and silver crackling fountains

  • 85 seconds

  • RRP £25.99

Price: £19.75 (inc VAT)
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Shining Saucer