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Cake Selection Packs

These cake selection packs have become more and more popular in recent years and only contain cakes. They are designed to give you a great range of colours and effects with a pre-mixed selection.

These packs can be used to create stand-alone displays or can be used to enhance larger displays.  Each pack has a great choice of fireworks designed to compliment each other with a wide variety of effects, colours and firing styles.

Small Retailers Pack

Small Retailers Pack

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  • Pack of 6 cakes

  • Straight firing

  • Excellent range of smaller cakes ranging from 15 shots to 25 shots. A great selection with lots of colour and noise effects. Great to boost any pack or for a small garden party.

Price: £70.00 (inc VAT)
Razzle Dazzle Pack

Razzle Dazzle Pack

  • Pack of 9 cakes

  • Straight and fan firing

  • A selection of 9 cakes of various sizes, most boasting 29mm tubes to give large effects. This pack has 216 shots and covers a whole spectrum of excellent effects and colours. This makes a great stand-alone display or can be used as part of a larger display.

Price: £180.00 (inc VAT)