Professional Firework Displays

Fire Writing

This ancient form of creative fire has been used for centuries for processions or making a statement of intent.

This art form has been somewhat lost over the years but we have learnt this skill and use it in a large number of displays throughout our season every year. 

We place this special rope onto metal framework in all types of shapes and wording and it burns with an impressive flame for approximately seven to eight minutes depending on the strength of the wind.

Wedding clients really enjoy personalising their displays and having their initials either side of a burning heart which is both romantic and impressive. When this is placed at the front of our display area it provides an excellent photographic opportunity as the fireworks burst in the background making every photograph personalised.

We have also used fire writing to theme displays, for example the Saturn sculpture you see here was used in a fireworks display themed around planets in our solar system.

Fire writing really does look impressive and adds another dimension to our displays creating atmosphere and an added visual effect.

Please note that fire rope is only available when booking Frontier Fireworks to perform a professional fireworks display.