Professional Firework Displays

Low Noise Displays

Our low noise displays are very popular as they can be used at noise sensitive venues all over the UK for a range of events.

Our wedding clients who want fireworks as a spectacular conclusion to their special day can now have these exciting fireworks at venues which at one point never allowed fireworks due to noise complaints.

We now have infant schools who ask for low noise displays for the very young and a number of Guy Fawkes displays now have a preceding children’s display before the main event.

Our normal noise displays produce 100% noise but these specially designed low noise displays produce no more than 30% noise. We design and import a large range of low noise fireworks from China and they really do look amazing with special effects and bright colours.

Our pyro minds have designed all types of fireworks that impress, delight and wow our audiences without us using crackles, bangs and whistles. We work at many venues on a regular basis that ask us to keep noise levels to a minimum and because of this we have exclusivity at many of these venues.

Our clients that have booked the low noise displays have been so impressed with the displays that we perform and always comment about the wriggling fish effects, the brightness of the colours and what many people call beautiful fireworks without the loud bangs.

Our low noise displays have even been complimented by Environmental Health Officers who have recognised that these displays are great for areas that require a sensitive approach to noise.