Professional Firework Displays

Health & Safety

Health and safety is an important part of what we do because we want you to be as safe as possible and have fun enjoying our amazing displays.

We have an enviable health and safety record as we should do because you simply would not book a fireworks display company that was not safe.

Our safety standards are very high and this is recognised by our clients and by our insurance firm. We consider the health and safety of ourselves and those around us at every step of a fireworks display from when we import, to the storage, transport and right up to the point of rigging and firing a display. We want it to be a pleasure to work for our company and for clients to book us.

We adhere to every regulation within our industry, of which there are many, so that you know you are using a company that follows the law, abides by regulations and ensures an excellent health and safety track record.

We guarantee that we will conduct a site survey before every display and also produce a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) for every display because we take health and safety seriously at Frontier Fireworks. Our advice is never use a company that does not provide a comprehensive Risk Assessment or Method Statement for your display.

We believe that health and safety in our industry sometimes goes too far but that is a battle that we will continue to fight, to protect our industry, through the CBI Explosives Industry Group of which we are members.