Professional Firework Displays

Professional Standards

We take great pride in being a full time professional fireworks display company and adhere to every regulation and law in our industry. We have put together a list of what to expect from us as a firework display company. 

If a fireworks company cannot provide any of the below, our simple advice is do not use them:

£10 million Product and Public Liability Insurance

Risk Assessment

Site Specific Method Statement

Proof of sufficient training (we have British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) qualified staff)

Proof of having ADR qualified drivers who are licensed to transport explosives

Don’t compromise safety for a cheap price

In our opinion it makes sense that in a professional and dangerous industry, where safety is paramount, you should be using a full time company and not a part time enthusiast who provides displays as a hobby or second job.

Unfortunately there are a number of cowboy companies that operate in our industry, so please be aware and if it sounds too cheap, then you will get what you pay for and that could be with disastrous consequences.  

Full time professional fireworks companies like ourselves will take pride in making your display safe, yet extremely spectacular.