Professional Firework Displays


Our pyrotechnic displays produce brilliant effects to punctuate a particular part of a concert, to launch products, to welcome players onto a sports pitch, to produce high temp low debris sequences from roof tops and a variety of other specific occasions.

The difference between fireworks and pyrotechnics is that pyro can be used in much closer proximity to the public due to the more controllable nature of the product. Pyro produces very low or zero debris making it the ideal material to use around stadiums and any area that can be utilised for dramatic effect.

We have fired pyrotechnic effects from all types of structures at concerts, sports events, roof tops, boats and many other types of surfaces.

Cathedral Rooftop

We were chosen to perform a special pyro display from the top of Southwark Cathedral for the 800th Anniversary of the Great Fire of Southwark. This was an ideal place to use pyro as we had an audience 360 degrees around our firing site. As we had to walk up so many steps and through narrow corridors it made sense to take lighter fireworks to the top of the tower. 

T20 Cricket

Another example of an event was when we welcomed cricket players onto the pitch for a T20 Blast match. The brief was to provide a short but dramatic introduction to the teams which we did in an exciting and impressive way.

Pyro can be used virtually anywhere so please contact us to discuss your requirements.