Professional Firework Displays


Choreographing music and fireworks is an art form in itself.

Traditionally, classical music has been used at many displays in the past but we like to push our musical boundaries by using all types of modern music. We have fired displays to recorded music and live music all over the UK to dramatic effect.

Musical choice is somewhat personal because what you like the next person may not like. We often theme displays to various film scores and these prove to be very popular, setting displays apart from our competitors.

We have the ability to edit and mix music for our displays via specialist software and our extensive firing knowledge allows for us to design and implement displays that synchronise with all types of music. Fast paced, dramatic music is blended seamlessly with more emotive music in our displays so that we can show how fireworks can ebb and flow with the pace of the music.

Live and Recorded

We can fire displays to recorded music which exact synchronisation which makes displays stand out and adds another sensory element to any display. Please note that editing, mixing and producing a recorded piece of music for a fireworks display is quite time consuming so please do allow plenty of time for us to do this for you.

We have worked with numerous clients where we have performed with live bands and orchestras ranging from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Katherine Jenkins to the X Factor finalists and the Grenadier Guards Band and many more. Working with live music raises the bar somewhat with challenges because the weather can often determine how quickly a conductor dictates the pace of the music. Sometimes music schedules are changed around at late notice and sections of music can be curtailed at a moment’s notice and we have to be ready to fire the display on time and shorten the length of the display if required.

We like these challenges and have always, without fail, performed every display on time and without problem, ensuring our clients and audiences everywhere get to see and hear a magnificent display every time from Frontier Fireworks. It is just the case of preparation and communication on the day of the display.