Professional Firework Displays


We place cigarette length lances onto wooden frame work and depict messages or images in bright flames that we call lancework. This can be used in a variety of colours and burns for approximately one minute in duration.

This is hugely popular with wedding clients as we can provide a variety of special effects from a champagne bottle that pops its cork with a spray of imitation champagne in the form of a fountain to the Bride and Groom’s initials on either side of a red heart.

These are very safe to use, produce minimal debris and are silent, thereby providing something very personalised and different.

We can also customise logo designs as long as we have enough lead time and these look very impressive for anniversaries and launches. We provided a special message for the 50th Anniversary of the RAF Red Arrows which read “#REDS 50   SMOKE ON....GO” which opened a spectacular fireworks display to celebrate the occasion in style.

Please note that lancework is only available when booking Frontier Fireworks to perform a professional fireworks display and cannot be sold to the general public.