Professional Firework Displays

Aquatic Fireworks

We use aquatic fireworks to add something different and magical to our displays when we have water features that we can use as part of our display presentation.

We can fire various types of aquatic fireworks onto the sea, lakes or rivers. We can produce “carpets” of colour, for example, by firing fifty or more floating flares onto the water or we can make the water erupt with floating tubes that fire shots into the sky (all bio-degradable). We design and import our own aquatic fireworks and as long as we have a large space and somewhere to launch our aquatic fireworks then we can make this look stunning.

We have a large array of fireworks from floating flares, floating fountains and surface shots that fire a variety of effects from the water into the sky which are all very different and exciting. Aquatic fireworks can look amazing so please consider this if you have any water features that can be used, they also provide a magnificent photographic opportunity too.

This is a video of one of our golden willow aquatic cakes.