Professional Firework Displays

Weddings and Parties

Our fireworks displays are used as a popular part of evening entertainment to captivate and enthral guests and add that extra sparkle to your special day. 

We have provided wedding and party displays of all sizes from low noise to full on noisy shows at a range of locations from private venues to national venues to stately homes. Fireworks have become increasingly used as a way to end a memorable day and to also enhance the evening’s entertainment in spectacular fashion.

All of our displays are bespoke, meaning that we design each and every display individually to suit the requirements of our clients and that of each venue ensuring that you get the very best customised display. Unlike other companies who use “off the shelf” displays, we enjoy designing different displays every time to keep all of our design work fresh and exciting.

You can also choose fireworks colours to suit your wedding colours and we can then put these into your display for a dazzling opening and glittering finale, making your display even more personalised.

What is the starting price of our fireworks displays?

Our starting price for fireworks displays is £950.00 Incl. VAT for a duration of approximately 5-6 minutes of continuous fireworks.


Extras for that Very Special Occasion

We also offer special optional extras, which can add a more personal dimension to a display. The most popular designs for wedding and party displays are as follows (click the headings for further options or more information):

Lancework Heart

- A Red Heart with the Bride & Grooms initials on either side (1 minute duration £109.00 Incl. VAT)

Lancework Champagne

- Champagne Bottle that fires imitation champagne (1 minute duration £109.00 Incl. VAT)

Fire Writing

- Bride & Grooms initials either side of a heart in flames (7 minutes duration £135.00 Incl. VAT)

Wax Candles

- Long burning wax candles for atmosphere (pack of 3) (60 minutes £7.00 Incl. VAT per pack)

Candle Bags

– Glow in the dark, various colours and patterns, looks amazing (pack of 10) (From £4.00 Incl. VAT per pack)


– 18” Golden Sparklers (pack of 5) (£2.00 Incl. VAT per pack)


What is a low noise fireworks display?

We are often asked by venues to provide low noise fireworks displays for sensitive wedding venues where noise complaints could be an issue.

Low noise displays are not completely silent but they reduce the amount of noise emitted by approximately 70%. We achieve this by not using bangs, whistles or crackles and not using very loud boisterous fireworks. Instead we use amazing special fireworks that we have designed and imported to keep all the thrills, colours and effects but with minimal noise.

Please click this link to read more on our low noise displays.


Why use Frontier Fireworks Ltd?

Frontier Fireworks are very respected in the fireworks display industry and have worked extremely hard since the company was formed in 1996 to ensure that we always put our clients first.

Fireworks is a complicated business but our success and reputation has come from striving for success in every department.

- We design and import our fireworks keeping costs competitive and our effects at the pinnacle of cutting edge design
- We have one of the largest selections of fireworks available in the UK
- We have one of the best reputations on the UK fireworks scene
- We have an amazing safety record and are rated as one of the best health and safety conscious fireworks companies in the UK
- We have a vast experience of designing and working on displays from weddings to fireworks competitions

Every display is carefully designed to ensure you have a magical display whilst ensuring your safety and keeping to your budget.


What happens if it rains?

Your fireworks will be waterproofed so that they are protected from the rain and damp. We also use waterproof fusing to ensure that your display looks amazing and we waterproof most of the fireworks at our extensive storage sites. Strong winds can sometimes be a problem but it is very rare that we actually have to postpone or cancel a display. 


The price of the display is completely inclusive of the following:

All fireworks

£10 million Public & Product Liability Insurance

Frontier rigging, firing and de-rigging the display with a comprehensive tidy up after the display

All Safety Documents (Method Statement and Risk Assessment) being completed and sent to the venue where the display will be held

All associated work to provide your display

We often run special offers at various times of the year where you can have extra fireworks for free with our compliments, so please contact to find out more details.

Our customer care is excellent, looking after you from beginning to spectacular conclusion and then keeping in contact with you after your occasion.

An Alternative Option:

If the professional display option is not in your price range then please take a look at our Buy Fireworks pages as you can buy many different types of fireworks to make your special day end in style. We sell a large range of Single Ignition fireworks which are excellent to use to round off an event in style with minimum effort. Simply light one fuse and stand back to enjoy a display of up to two minutes.