Professional Firework Displays

Rooftops and Structures

Frontier specialise in rooftop fireworks displays and firing from structures of all types.

We are often approached about firing displays from challenging locations, locations that other companies have said are impossible. We use our extensive knowledge in this area and our brilliant attitude to problem solving to find ways around these obstacles and to ensure we deliver displays that are both thrilling and safe.

We have fired fireworks and pyrotechnics from a variety of buildings including multi storey car parks, rooftops of shops and offices, churches and cathedrals. Quite often we are asked to perform Christmas Light Switch-on fireworks displays in town or city centres which demands extensive knowledge of firing sites and fallout areas for debris.

We have fired both daylight and night time fireworks from the tops of cathedrals and churches for festivals and anniversaries and have worked for a large number of clients requiring rooftop displays over the past years.

Performing displays in city or town centres has often involved us locating and using multi storey car parks where we have a large platform from which to launch our fireworks. Sometimes the firing sites have been quite small so that we have had to fit a large amount of fireworks into small areas, this is a different challenge but one that we are able to work around. We have also used a range of machinery to lift equipment onto rooftops and structures too.