Professional Firework Displays


The shortest fireworks display that we have ever performed was for Sony Ericsson at 45 seconds long for a special party. The longest we have ever fired was 30 minutes for a council display several years ago.

We think that displays should not be any longer than 20 minutes in duration unless there is a special reason for this to happen. It really also depends on what budget you have available as to what impact can be achieved and what duration the display should be fired over.

Since we have started the business in 1996, we have collated the following statistics to provide you with an idea of the most popular time lengths for certain types of displays:

Guy Fawkes: 12-20 minutes

Product Launches: 3-6 minutes

Weddings & Special Occasions: 5-7 minutes

Corporate Events: 8-15 minutes

Christmas Lights & New Years Eve: 5-10 minutes

Festivals, Balls & Concerts: 5-12 minutes

The key to an amazing display is impact. If a display is drawn out for too long it may look a bit flat compared to shortening a display for the same budget and making the display look more exciting just by reducing the time length.

All of our displays have an enviable reputation for being spectacular, thrilling, exciting and full of fireworks because we get the balance exactly right with duration and budget. We are well known for firing displays with no gaps throughout our performances and many clients say how skilful this is compared to the previous companies they have used.