Professional Firework Displays

Fireworks Displays

We have performed professional fireworks displays since 1996 and have extensive knowledge in designing, implementing and performing many of the very best displays in the UK.

Frontier Fireworks really do have everything in place to make your display the most spectacular you have ever seen.

The company has fired some of the most high profile displays across the UK and we have an extensive clientele base who contract us year after year because they simply know that our customer care and exciting displays are not going to be replicated elsewhere. This is testament to the hard work and dedication that we put into every display.

Every display is bespoke, we do not take the lazy route of having pre-set packages as we feel that our clients deserve the best and an original display every time.

As soon as you contract us to perform your display you will notice our exceptional customer care. We will design the display around a budget that you are comfortable with and then carefully create your show to have the high impact that all of our clients have come to expect over the years.

We will produce all safety documents and these will be sent to you in advance of your display date. We will notify you in advance, when we will arrive on site, so that you can rest assured about when we will arrive to commence rigging. A high percentage of the fireworks will be waterproofed at our stores and we use waterproof fusing to considerably reduce any risk associated with wet weather.

What to expect when contracting Frontier Fireworks:

A stunning fireworks display

Excellent customer care

Friendly, professional and presentable crew

Site survey

Risk Assessment and site specific Method Statement

£10 million Public and Product Liability Insurance

ADR qualified drivers for transporting explosives/fireworks

BPA (British Pyrotechnic Association) trained operators

Displays fired with state of the art electronic firing systems or hand fired displays

Members of the CBI EIG (Explosives Industry Group)

We import our own fireworks which is important for our clients

We design and import our own fireworks which provides us with unique fireworks in our displays.

Importing fireworks ensures that we are cost effective and provide more fireworks for each display compared to companies that do not import.

We carry large stocks all year so can perform displays at short notice and large scale displays anywhere in the UK.

Creativity & Themes

We are a very creative and artistic company so if you have an idea then please contact us and let us know. We excel at creating themes by using music and the firing site environment to enhance our performances. 

Our signature display, Ignite The Dark, is a high octane performance, full of fast paced sequences set to music and fired with our competition grade fireworks. So if you are looking for a special theme then please let us design this for you and use our collective pyro minds to produce the display that you have always wanted.

No bigger compliment about our displays can come any higher.....for now..... than when the masters of excellence, the RAF Red Arrows, stated after the display that we performed for their 50th Anniversary....

"BEST......DISPLAY......EVER” – Squadron Leader Mike Ling – Red 10