Professional Firework Displays


All of our displays commence at £850.00 Incl. VAT.

With fireworks displays the cost really does depend on what type of event you are holding and what type of spectacular show you are trying to provide.

In the fireworks industry, many companies will tell you that a display costs anywhere between £100 to £1000 per minute which is simply a quick fire answer with not much thought put into the client’s enquiry.

Firstly, we want you to be comfortable with what you are spending and we want you to have the best display and the best experience with Frontier Fireworks, so we will ask you a variety of questions and this can work in two ways. You can tell us what you want to spend and we will design a display around your requirements or we can ask you a series of questions as set out below:

What type of event are you organising?

How many people will attend your event?

What duration are you looking at for your fireworks display?

What date is your display on?

Where is your display being held? 

We like to work with our clients in a friendly and professional manner and as you can see it is not as easy as saying it is £1000.00 per minute, there are many factors to consider. When we complete a site survey this will also help us determine the price as we may be firing from behind tall trees or another tall structure for example and that may force us to exclude certain types of lower level fireworks.

It is not particularly difficult to arrive at a price for a display that works for you once all factors are carefully considered. As a general rule for fireworks displays, the more budget you have for a display the bigger the fireworks and the more of them will be in your show.

Spending more budget on a display does not necessarily mean that you should extend the duration of a display as we want your display to have a high impact and leave a lasting positive impression.