Professional Firework Displays

Daylight Displays

Our daylight displays are both innovative and exciting and gone are the days of just having fireworks at night as we now introduce a modern way of performing daylight fireworks displays.

There are occasions when night time fireworks displays just do not fit with the schedule of an event.

Daylight fireworks are the way forward as the traditional noisy daylight fireworks display will now take on a new concept as we use coloured smoke with bright colours in new artistic sequences. Daylight displays are normally very noisy but not greatly visual but Frontier Fireworks has changed the whole concept of what can be achieved during daylight hours.

We use coloured smoke to create fans and patterns in the sky, no matter if there’s a blue sky or it’s a cloudy day, as the colours are so vivid. We also import a great amount of magnesium coloured fireworks that burn brighter than other fireworks specially for daylight performances along with dramatic noise sequences of crackles, hummers, whistles and bangs.

Our performances are artistically designed and implemented so that we provide a fast paced, noisy and brightly coloured display. Our daylight shows can be used with dramatic effect to launch products, celebrate anniversaries, conclude various events and to add that panache effect to many occasions.

We recommend having a short daylight display of no longer than 5 minutes with budgets starting at approximately £1500.00 Incl. VAT.