Professional Firework Displays

Barge and Boat Displays

We have a wide knowledge of how to perform displays from floating platforms, whether this is a boat, barge or pontoon.

Firing displays on rivers, lakes, within estuaries and out to sea does require extensive knowledge with regards to safety and the platform being used. There are so many elements that are involved in firing these types of displays from designing a specialist display of this nature to understanding the limitations of the watercraft involved.

Firing displays of this nature really does provide a photogenic setting with the reflections of bursting fireworks on the water and they look vastly different to your average field fired display. The best advantage of a waterborne display is that debris becomes less of an issue if we are a good distance from land or other shipping but strong winds can still prevent a display from happening.

British Airways i360

We have performed amazing displays from floating platforms with the most recent iconic display being for the spectacular launch of the British Airways i360. We were chosen to provide this important display over a host of other companies because we were trusted to design and perform a complicated display out to sea. We took photographs from various positions on land to ensure a wide audience could see the display and booked a specific type of boat to use that provided us with a stable firing platform.

The fireworks and equipment were loaded onto the boat in harbour and then we sailed out to sea to position ourselves in line with the i360. The display was co-ordinated to music whilst we were around 500m out to sea performing a display that offered amazing photographic opportunities. The display that we designed delivered exactly what we promised and the organisers of the event were extremely happy; we could hear the cheering from our boat position from the thousands of people that lined the beach.

Understanding logistics, display design, having a specific timing schedule and a knowledge of what can be used as a floating firing platform are key components in making displays such as the i360 launch such a success.